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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Joanne Kelly / Myka Bering / Warehouse 13

Joanne Kelly-Myka Bering-Warehouse 13

Another one of my "guilty pleasures" I suppose you could call it is SyFy's (I still hate that name) Warehouse 13.
To get a feel for Warehouse 13, think The X-Files, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Moonlighting and Bones all rolled into one.
And if you remember the old Friday the 13th: The Series that was on in the late 80s, a bit of that too.

I have to take a moment and geek out over the fact that Saul Rubinek gets a starring role in the series as Secret Service Agent Arthur "Artie" Nielsen.
And also a small geek out that some of their equipment comes really close to "Steampunk".

Now that that's over, lets get on to Myka Bering played by Joanne Kelly.
Myka Bering is the by the book partner of Peter Lattimer and together they are the Mulder and Scully of the show.
Okay, they haven't reached Mulder and Scully level yet, but I'm willing to give them time.

Myka is played by Canadian actress Joanne Kelly.
Joanne is no newcomer to the Syfy channel as she played the vampire Bianca in SciFi's The Dresden Files.
Back when it was SciFi.
Besides that role, Joanne has a long list of movie and TV appearances including Mutant X, Supernatural and Castle.
Yes I know, I listed the shows I have seen.

posted to on August 19th, 2009