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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lindsay Lohan and the Maserati

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I keep hearing that Lindsay Lohan is strapped for cash, nearly broke etc.
I guess that's why she just bought a Maserati.
Maybe it was an economy model.

The rumor is that she is living off credit cards and girlfriend Samantha Ronson's funds.
Well she hasnt had a real hit since (I know, I'm gonna have to say it) "Mean Girls" back in 2004.
What happened to "Labor Pains" ?
I thought they finished shooting that last year.

Since Lindsay doenst have family money like Paris, she needs to do something quick.
I don't really see her pulling a Britney and handing over her finances to her dad.

Maybe she should.....cut the crap!
Get it together, stop the all night drinking binges and hanging out with her girlfriend till the break of dawn, take some of the generous offers made to her by other stars for help, buckle down and get to work!
And knock off the heroin addict look!
Sorry...I have kids.

BTW, her assistant banged up the Maserati on Monday.


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