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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Top Ten Most Searched For Women In May

Well last months most searched for ladies on this blog really surprised me.
I know I say that every month, but this really did catch me off guard.

1. Alicia Keys
Maybe her little thing with Hip-hop maestro Swizz Beatz elevated her on the searched for list last month.
Of course when you show up on "American Idol " it don't hurt your ratings any.

2. Jessica Biel
I gotta chalk this up to Timothy Linh Bui's "Powder Blue", which just hit DVD and Blu-ray.
Or maybe it was "Easy Virtue"

3. Jessica Simpson
She stays on the covers of the tabloids. Just when you think she's gone, she shows back up again in full force.
She's got her name on shoes, sunglasses, perfume and even wigs.
And now she's pitching a new reality show, "What Price Beauty?".

4. Beyonce Knowles
The lady has class besides being gorgeous. Beyonce and Jay-Z know just how to stay in the public eye, but not go for over kill.
And staying in touch with her fans, like offering her fans affordable shows doesn't hurt either.

5. Scarlett Johansson
Getting voted one of the 40 Most Iconic Movie Goddesses of all time to start out 2009 isnt bad.
And getting tapped to play the Black Widow in the sequel to Iron Man isnt going to hurt her rankings either.

6. Lindsay Lohan
Showing some signs of getting it together now.
Her clothing line, her spray on tan and now a part in a movie "The Other Side". Will Lindsay follow Britney in getting her life together?

7. Eva Mendes
Everyone seems to like Eva. You really dont see a lot of internet hate with her. And with her new movie coming up, "Bad Lieutenant" directed by Werner Herzog and starring Nicolas Cage, Val Kilmer and Xzibit, expect to see a lot more of this Cuban beauty.

8. Cameron Diaz
She's getting quite a bit of press for being single. And starting work on the new movie "Wichita" with media magnet Tom Cruise will keep her in the limelight.

9. Jennifer Love Hewitt
Critics say The Ghost Whisperer just keeps getting better and better. Jennifer is hanging out with Jamie Kennedy and getting ready to start a country album (?).

10. Britney Spears
Two words: Circus Tour. She has stayed the course, handled the tour schedule and only had a few small bumps in the road.

The runners up....
Halle Berry
Angelina Jolie
Carmen Electra
Avril Lavigne
Hilary Duff

No Megan Fox, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Shakira?
Nope, not last month.


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