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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sarah Shahi / Dani Reese / Life

Dani Reese-Sarah Shahi-Life

NBC's "Life" stars Damian Lewis as the quirky detective Charlie Crews.
Yes Charlie is quirky and the show is quirky, but he has possibly one of the hottest partners on TV.
Detective Dani Reese played by played by Sarah Shahi.

Sarah is a Spanish-Iranian actress and model who was born Aahoo (gazelle) Shahi on January 10, 1980 in Euless, Texas.
Besides being an actress and model, Sarah was on the 1999?2000 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad and was on the cover of their 2000 calendar.
Before playing Dani Reese, she was in a ton of TV series and movies.
Among them were ER, Supernatural, Reba, The L Word, Alias, Damages, Rush Hour 3, Frasier, Century City and The Sopranos.

Dani's character on Life is complex to say the least.
She's Charlie's partner, the daughter of one of the main bad guys and the girlfriend (I still can't believe this) of Captain Tidwell.
Plus, she has had a dark past that she's working to overcome.

Dani has pretty much been replaced in the end of this season by another beautiful young lady Gabrielle Union as Charlie's partner because in real life, Sarah and her husband Steve Howey are expecting their first child.
You may remember Steve as Van Montgomery on Rheba.
Yes they met on the set when she was on the show.


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