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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Britney's Circus Tour magic continues...

Britney Spears-hot

Britney's Circus Tour magic continues......

On Wednesday night in Oakland, California, the
Circus tour magic continued. During one song, Spears was splayed out on a chaise lounge when one of her leather-clad dancers, suspended by wires, was lowered down to pick her up for a mid-air snuggle. Only problem was that some of her hair extensions were stuck to the chair and were ripped out as Spears was lifted into the air. Had to be painful, but Britney nonetheless spun through the air with her mohawked dancer before being gently returned to Earth.

SF Gate is really not too impressed with Britney as their review of her concert shows....

Most cultures bury their dead, but here, we lavish them with hordes of backup dancers, expensive stylists and the best Swedish pop hits money can buy just to prop them up on a stage and watch them entertain us. So it goes with Britney Spears, who, despite all outward signs of being unable to count to 11, much less headline a big-budget revue, has been getting dragged around the country for the past two months to promote her sixth album, "Circus."

And Britney Spears' manager Adam Leber has said that Britney is not pregnant despite what "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest said.


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