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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paris Hilton and the Webby Awards

paris hilton, celebrity

Paris Hilton is finally getting recognition!
Wait...she gets recognition all the time....
Well, recognition for her work.
She is one of the nominees at the Webby Awards.......

After she was cheated out of an Oscar nomination in 2006 for "House of Wax," can 2009 finally be Paris Hilton's big year for showbiz awards? She swept the Razzies in February (three victories!) and now she's among the nominees at the Webby Awards for her most popular Internet video ever ? well, at least one in which she's wearing clothes. Her retort to John McCain's campaign ad is up for best comedy: individual short or episode at the Webby Awards, which will be bestowed on June 8 at a ceremony in New York hosted by Seth Myers ("Saturday Night Live").

And rumors persist that Paris Hilton and her boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt may be getting married.
Could she be aiming for a summer wedding?
Will it be a huge event or a .....
Wait, it's Paris.
Of course it will be a huge event.
We'll get more advance notice on this than we did on the invasion of Iraq.


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