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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Britney Spears News

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Oh no.....
Please don't tell me the weirdness is about to begin again.....

It seems Britney Spears has gotten a restraining order against her old manager Sam Lutfi and her ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.
The order accuses Ghalib, a photographer, and Lutfi of trying to "disrupt" the conservatorship that was set up.
The documents say that Lutfi, Ghalib and a third man, lawyer John Eardley, have been trying to take charge of Spears' affairs, which have been controlled by her father since February 1, 2008.
Well it must not be psychotic ramblings because a judge did issue the restraining order.
So there must be legal grounds.
So that's okay.

But we are also alerted that Britney may cancel her 'Circus' tour if she is not allowed to take her children on the road with her.
According to TMZ, Britney is trying to get an agreement with Kevin Federline to take Sean Preston and Jayden James with her on the tour.
Britney reportedly offered K-Fed up to $4,000 a week to accompany the boys, plus his own accommodation in each of the three cities. She plans to rent houses in Los Angeles, New Jersey and New Orleans, where the boys can comfortably stay and she can easily commute between them throughout her 33 date tour.
I wonder what Kevin's current girlfriend thinks of that?