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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lindsay Lohan and the LAPD


Paris Hilton had her recent run-in with the police, and so did Lindsay Lohan.
It seems a burglar alarm went off at Lindsay's home, an alarm company notified police that someone tripped the alarm, and the LAPD responded.
The officers came in, guns drawn and surveyed the carnage that the intruders had left.
Except there were no intruders.
The house was normally that messy.
Messy enough for the officers to think that someone had broken in till they were reassured that it was always like that.

But later it was discovered that there actually were would-be intruders.
Surveillance photos had captured a four door gray Dodge Magnum station wagon outside her home and two men tried to break in.
They never made it inside.

So someone did try to break in, but the mess was Lindsay's.
Lindsay..."Maid Service".


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