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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paris Hilton News

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Lots of Paris news today starting with Paris having to go to trial.....

Judge Refuses To Dismiss Hilton's Alleged Contract Breach Case
Paris Hilton has been ordered to stand trial by a judge who refused to dismiss a contract breach lawsuit against her.
Bosses at Worldwide Entertainment Group Inc. have charged the heiress with neglecting to honor promotion and publicity agreements related to her 2006 film "Pledge This," claiming she owes investors a whopping $8.3 million.

Then Paris' ideas for kid names.....

Hilton to name her kids after Beckhams reports that the controversial queen has become friends with the pair after dining with the former Spice Girl and her soccer star partner in California and she was so impressed by the British celebrities that she is planning to give her future babies the Beckham's first names.

And info on the Paris Hilton documentary.....

Trailer For The New Paris Hilton Doc 'Paris not France' Hits The Web
The trailer for the new Paris Hilton documentary PARIS, NOT FRANCE, directed by Adria Petty (daughter of musician Tom Petty), scheduled to air later this summer on MTV, has now been released online, according to Dlisted.
The expose chronicles the hotel heiress' efforts to deal with the pressure of being Paris Hilton and attempts to reveal the human being behind the public persona. Shot in London, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the documentary features commentary from the Hilton family, friends and media experts including Donald Trump, Camille Paglia, and Richard Johnson.

Paris not France - Paris Hilton documentary trailer


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