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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paris Hilton and the Parismobile

Well first Paris' house gets broken into, and now this.
It seems that Paris was throwing a party (insert fake surprise here) and her neighbors got fed up and called the LAPD (Paris' BFFs) to complain about the noise.
So the party guests allegedly went out afterward and egged cars in the neighborhood.
But one of the cars was Paris' blue Bentley.

But Paris shouldn't be too shook up.
West Coast Customs just got finished modifying her pink Bentley.
Yes they pimped her ride.
And I am not even gonna go for the obvious joke here.

WCC didn't just stop at the color of course.
It got a high tech state of the art sound system, jewel-encrusted Bentley wings on the hood and over sized wheels with "PH" on each one.
I guess this is now the Parismobile.


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