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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beautiful Asian Women-Keo Pich Pisey

Keo Pich Pisey-beautiful asian women

Cambodian actress, dancer and model Keo Pich Pisey was born in 1982.
She was San Chhay in the F4 Cambodian film series.
Keo is one of the top Cambodian movie stars.
She has appeared in Tokchet Ovpuk (Father?s Heart), Ath Bey, Kong Kam Kong Keo, Ros Cheat Chivith, Domnok Cheam Chong Krouy, Samoth Tok Sap (as Rum Chong, Water Lily) , and Pka Thkol Sor and Sromol Krom Pnek.
Keo also appeared in the "Taste of Life" TV series as Nary Chan from 2004 to 2006.
The show was a big hit in Cambodia.

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