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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Debrah Farentino / Dr. Beverly Barlowe / Eureka

Dr. Beverly Barlowe-Eureka

Even though she is no longer on Eureka, I have to mention Dr. Beverly Barlowe played by Debrah Farentino.
Beverly was so hot, that even Vincent (the owner of Cafe Diem) once remarked that he wondered what it'd be like to be with her.
She was the the town psychiatrist, but while she was gaining the confidence of everyone in Eureka, she was following her own secret agenda.
Beverly was working for the Consortium, a conglomerate of business interests that wanted Eureka's scientific break throughs for their own gain.

Beverly was brought to smoldering life by Debrah Farentino, who was a model before becoming an actress.
Debrah has appeared on a ton of TV shows starting in 1982 on the TV series Capitol.
She was last seen on the TV series "Eli Stone" playing Ellen Wethersby.
Although she may show up on Eureka again.
The last time she was seen, Beverly used a teleportation device to get away, so she may still be out there somewhere.....

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