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Monday, October 27, 2008

Paris Hilton's 'political' music video

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Paris better hurry, November isn't that far away.
I wonder who she'd pick for her running mate?
Her new BFF?

Paris Hilton's 'political' music video
Paris Hilton has made a sexy music video to accompany her presidential campaign. The video shows the hotel heiress cavorting in a skimpy white and silver swimsuit, surrounded by hunky secret service men dressed in suits in 'Paris for President'.
?Paris For President? will be available in full on from Sunday (26.10.08). Paris said: ?It?s a really cute idea. Tinkerbell?s in it and my secret service dudes. And I have my old white-haired dude. It?s fun, it?s going to be a hot video.?


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