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Friday, November 28, 2008

Britney Spears' Disturbing 'Blur'

As I keep hoping, Britney appears to be doing much better with her life.
But is one of her therapeutic methods letting more things out in her songwriting?
The new song on her album "Circus" titled "Blur" seems to be raising a few eyebrows and questions.....

Britney Spears' comeback takes disturbing twist on 'Circus'
?What happened?? Britney Spears mutters during what is easily the most disturbing song of her career, ?Blur.? It arrives in the middle of her sixth studio album, ?Circus? (Jive), out Tuesday (which also happens to be Spears? 27th birthday).
It?s the latest comeback in a career larded with tabloid travail, marketing gimmicks and, not coincidentally, more than 83 million album sales worldwide since 1999. ?Circus? capitalizes on Spears? troubles by turning them into pop songs. And what twisted songs they are.


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