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Saturday, November 8, 2008

What is up with Lindsay Lohan?

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What is up with Lindsay Lohan?
I mean Paris is getting work, Britney's getting it together, but Lindsay appears kicked to the curb.
I'm not condoning her past escapades, but really, what has she done to deserve this?
I still think she should call Quentin Tarantino.......

World Music Awards ditch host Lindsay Lohan! For Denise Richards?
First "Ugly Betty" boots Lindsay Lohan.
Now the World Music Awards have dumped Lohan as the host of the upcoming annual awards, held in Monaco.
Why they hired her again is anyone's guess. The last time she hosted in 2006, she messed up and introduced Beyonce while the singer was still getting her hair done.
Nervous about her ability to handle the job, the organizers reportedly asked that other career fast-tracker, "Desperate Housewives" former lawn boy Jesse Metcalfe, to help Lindsay out. But she didn?t like that idea.


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