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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Paris Hilton Meets....SHELDON!

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Do yourself a favor Paris, get a thesaurus, you're gonna need it.

Okay, this is gonna be so cool.
Not the fact that Paris Hilton will star in five mini-programs in primetime next week with Craig Ferguson.
Not that Paris will have to again face Craig Ferguson (although that's gonna be pretty cool).
But here's the kicker....
The shows are gonna be set in Ferguson's fake home with Paris Hilton and .....Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory!
Yes it's Jim Parsons, but he'll be playing his character.
Please CBS writers do this well!
If you watch Big Bang Theory, imagine the grief Sheldon gives Penny, and imagine that multiplied towards Paris!
I hope the writers don't cop put and make "Sheldon" like Paris because shes Paris.
The only thing that could complete this is having Wolowitz show up and hit on Paris!
This could really be good!

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Her doom.


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