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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bridget Regan / Kahlan Amnell / Legend of the Seeker

Bridget Regan as Kahlan Amnell in Legend of the Seeker

Legend of the Seeker is one of my guilty pleasures.
The reason I started watching it is because it's done by Sam Raimi and like just about everything he has ever done.
And I mean way before he did Spider-Man.
I know online a lot of people have a problem with the fact that the TV series has little in common with the books.
But I don't see how anyone could have a problem with Confessor Kahlan Amnell, as played by Bridget Regan.
(Okay, I was desperately looking for a segue there)

Kahlan is beautiful, poised, compassionate and can wield a sword or dagger with the best of them.
And she looks good doing it.

The lady that plays Kahlan is film, television and theater actress Bridget Regan.
Bridget has appeared in the films The Babysitters, Blinders, The Wedding Album and the Sex and the City movie.
On TV she has appeared in New Amsterdam, American Experience, Love Monkey and The Black Donnellys.


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