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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Salli Richardson-Whitfield / Dr. Allison Blake / Eureka

Salli Richardson-Whitfield,Dr. Allison Blake,Eureka

Eureka is a science fiction television series set in a town inhabited almost entirely by geniuses.
It comes on SyFy (Does anyone else hate that new name?) Fridays at 9:00 EST.

Of course even though the town is populated with brilliant scientists, it has some beautiful women as well.
Such as....

Dr. Allison Blake, played by Salli Richardson-Whitfield.
Allison is a Department of Defense agent who acts as the liaison between Eureka and the federal government.
After Dr. Nathan Stark vanishes (I still say he isn't dead) she becomes the director of Global Dynamics.

Dr. Blake is played by the lovely Salli Richardson (who reminds me a lot of Eva Mendes for some reason)
Salli was born on November 23, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois. Her father is of Irish ancestry and mother is African-American.
Salli is married to actor Dondre Whitfield who you may remember from The Jamie Foxx Show, Martin, and Girlfriends (But I remember him as Terrence Frye on All My Children!)
Before Salli married Dondre, she dated a few people you may have heard of like Matthew McConaughey, Tupac Shakur, and Marlon Wayans.

On TV and in movies she has appeared in Stargate SG-1, The Pretender, Biker Boyz, CSI: Miami, Book of Love and she did the voice of Elisa Maza in the animated series Gargoyles just to name a few.

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